Why Do Audio Stories Captivate? - Podcast event

Why Do Audio Stories Captivate?

5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 26th May 2020

What makes a good story? In this online event we will be exploring techniques to engage podcast audiences and take them on a journey through audio storytelling.
Rachael Dexter is a journalist and Audio Video producer at The Age in Melbourne.
Rachael will be sharing her tips on engaging audiences through narrative and documentary podcast audio storytelling.

If you’ve got extra time, we highly recommend you listen to these two award winning podcasts before the session as we will be discussing these investigative series’ as case studies.
The Last Voyage of the Pong Su
Wrong Skin

This session will be conducted via zoom, so please keep in mind:

  1. If you’re using your smartphone, download the Zoom App first
  2. In the first 10 minutes we will be conducting breakout rooms for a quick group activity. Make sure your devices’ microphones and cameras are working as they will be required for this activity.
  3. We will mute everyone when the facilitator or host is presenting so we don’t have any background interruptions.
  4. This Zoom workshop will be recorded and we’ll let you know when we hit record.

Join us on Zoom - Launch Meeting - Zoom - 5:00pm UTC +10 (Melbourne, Sydney) Tuesday 26th May

This event is hosted by the podcast meetup group Melbourne Podcasters.
For notifications on future events (both online and in person) feel free to join the meetup as a member.

This is an inclusive event. Podcasters far and wide are welcome and encouraged to join us.
8:00am UTC +1 London, Dublin
9:00am UTC+2 Berlin, Paris, Rome
11:00am UTC+4 Dubai
12:30pm UTC +5:30 Delhi
3:00pm UTC +8 Perth, Hong Kong, Singapore
4:30pm UTC +9:30 Adelaide, Darwin
7:00pm UTC +12 Auckland

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