Using REAPER for radio/podcasting (2)

“Brendan Baker shares his custom REAPER settings, shortcuts, templates and workflow”


Brendan writes:
"As some of you know, for a number of years I’ve sung the praises of using REAPER audio software (that’s Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording) for radio/podcast production. I went on a little Twitter rant about this recently partly in response to this piece RE Pro Tools and podcast hiring diversity. I’ve since decided to put my money where my mouth is by doing some free Zoom workshops demoing how REAPER is a practical, powerful, and affordable alternative to the “industry standard” Pro Tools.

More than a demo, actually–I want to give out some of the time-saving customizations, presets and templates I’ve built for REAPER over the last several years. (These use free/stock plugins and are based around some of the same Pro Tools key commands many radio folks already know and use). I’ll walk through installing my customizations, give a rundown of how I use them, and show the basics of how to tweak things for your own needs. (These won’t be in-depth audio engineering or sound design lessons per se.) Ultimately, I hope to show why I think REAPER is the best all-around tool for radio/podcast production."

Even though I have been using Reaper for a long time, I am sure I could learn some new approaches. Alas, the timing just won’t work for me here in Europe. I hope the talks will be recorded and shared after the event.

Is this one presentation with multiple deliveries or a sequential presentation that i should try to attend all?

I’m not sure about that. (The event is unrelated to Tracks) Maybe reach out to Brendan on Twitter.

Update from Brendan:

for those of you who had to duck out early of either session, I’ve posted lightly edited video recordings of both sessions on my YouTube page.

And if you haven’t been to the workshop yet, I wanted to mention that I’m considering changing the date/time for one (or more) of the future workshops, and wanted to ask you to please fill out this one-question survey to help me decide if I should stick to the original dates or switch things up!