Transcription services for languages other than English

Here’s an overview of available services and languages they can transcribe. Feel free to edit!

Update Nov 28, 2020:

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Hey Thomas, I was looking for something like this for some weeks now. Since Trint ended its hourly plan which effectively (now using the starter plan) doubled my yearly cost for transcription. Hopefully Sonix is as good as Trint and keeps its hourly plan.


Hello everybody! Do you have any new experiences you could share? I’m seriously considering to book a plan at trint, because it works quite well for me and my workflow. But if there was a cheaper way …
German public broadcast media offer an audio mining tool (Simple Audio Mining, SAM), and I tried it for my last feature, but it is really rudimentary and quite faulty. Also: Only for German. Not a real help in my view.

I used pretty happily in a pinch last year

I tried f4x Spracherkennung (only for German unfortunately) and it works ok for me in shorter pieces. Seems like they just put it out.

I’m afraid you’ll have to use trint for the time being.

I just tried f4x Spracherkennung. It transcribes ok, but the only thing you get afterwards is an rtf file.

What sets Trint and others apart is their editor. And the one in trint is really goodd. You can edit the text while listening to the audio. They glue them together.

You can also highlight passages, you want to use and other stuff.

It is expensive thought and Its sad, they don’t offer their pay as you go rate anymore.

Probably this gives them more money to further develop their service.

you can pause your subscription, though, if you don’t need it for a while.

I’ll try this at the end of the month. See, how long I can live without it :slight_smile:

It simply can’t hold up to Trint. It’s a pity

I’ve recently used Happy Scribe and I was happy with it :slight_smile: I tried using Trint in 2018, for some transcriptions in Romanian and it worked very poorly and they actually ended transcribing in Romanian because there weren’t enough people requesting it. Maybe that’s changed, I don’t know.
Happy scribe works with an hourly rate that goes down with volume. (12 euros for the 25hours and 9.6 euros for more than 50 hours of transcriptions).