Third Place (formerly known as Third Coast Conference)

“As a maker registering for Third Place, you’ll have access to a whole digital world that we’re building from scratch, where we’ll convene for community meetups, mini-festivals, skill-building workshops, audio resources, social forums, virtual narrative experiments, and more.”

Third Coast / Third Place introduced a “collective pricing” model, and tickets are now available starting at $25.

With the worldwide community of audio makers in mind, we’re offering registration to Third Place using a pay-what-you-can model, rather than a single registration fee. These sliding-scale tickets ($25-$495) will get you access to nearly everything our virtual Third Place world has to offer: experimental live performances and skill-building sessions by the most inspiring folks in the industry; community meetups to build solidarity and support; curated collections from shows and makers you’ve never heard; plus resources, creative prompts, career networking, access to our Sunday festivals, and much more.