Radio Race 2020 // Use your voice

Use your voice to document what’s happening in your local world. KCRW’s annual Radio Race is next weekend. June 13 and 14.

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We’ve been doing this audio competition for eight years and many of you know what’s up. But if not: You have 24 hours to record, write and edit a 4-minute nonfiction audio story based on a shared theme.

We have our usual prizes this year from AIR and PRX — plus mic setups from Blue Mics and free software from Descript (a cool editing program).

Our judges this year are all audio people I very much respect: Yowei Shaw, Bob Carlson, Jane Marie, John Asante and Benjamin Riskin.

Sign ups are open NOW. You can join from anywhere in the world (solo or with a team). $12.

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Be creative. Stay safe and have fun :microphone:

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