Mastodon instances for audio people

Ordered by number of active accounts (as of January 12, 2022)


4500 monthly active users

“Masthead and FreeVoice is a social network for everyone, muckrakers and media makers (including bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters), scribes and stringers, hacks, newsies, and the news junkies who love them, in fact anyone that wants to spread the truth, and have a conversation.”

280 monthly active users

“This instance provides podcasters with a space for their shows on the Mastodon network. The instance is explicitly not intended for personal accounts, only for those representing a single show.”

279 monthly active users

“Intended for all stake holders of podcasting who are interested in improving the eco system.”

33 monthly active users

“A place for voiceover artists; actors; producers; engineers and other audio production creatives (professional and amateur) to meet; talk and share in a safe place.”

13 monthly active users

“, a Mastodon social media instance provided for you by your favourite creatives. No ads, just love for indie creators.”