Master Class: "From a seed to a tree - Growing your podcast" with Ana González

From a seed to a tree - Growing your podcast
Free Online Master Class with Ana González
October 7th at 7 PM Berlin Time

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Ana González brings us through the podcast creation cycle – swiftly cultivating a topic from a seed into a story in full bloom, standing tall and leafy like a tree. You will explore the turning points of podcast production: idea - research - connecting with sources - recording & the mix. Learn how to fold in two of Ana’s secret podcasting ingredients, having fun and moving with speed, and discover why Ana’s podcasting and storytelling work is gaining deserved attention.

Ana González is the host and producer of Mosaic, a podcast that explores immigration and identity in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, a region that traces its history of American immigration back to the early days of colonization. Proudly Puerto Rican and Irish, Ana worked with the WHYY Media Labs in Philadelphia and ran her own video production company, EARF. In 2017, she produced and directed a feature-length documentary about hip hop history in Rhode Island, Almost Dope. Ana is a 2015 graduate of Brown University.