FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mirp?

Mirp is the Meeting of Independents in Radio.


Why do I get so many emails?

For many people, email is the preferred mode of group communication, as opposed to going to a (this) website and checking what’s new. Therefore, by default Mailing List Mode is enabled, sending you an email for every new post. There are several ways to adjust this:

  • If there are topics, entire tracks, or tags that you’re not interested in, you can mute them. You can do so at the topic’s, track’s or tag’s page or at Preferences > Tracks > Muted and Preferences > Tags > Muted.
    Alternatively, reply to an email with just the word mute to mute a topic.
  • For more control, you can disable Mailing List Mode at Preferences > Emails. In addition to what you configure on that page, tracks will also send you emails about topics, tracks, or tags that you are tracking or watching, if you are not active on the site.

Why do I get so many notifications?

By default, new users are watching first posts on some tracks, which means they will be notified about new topics on those tracks. To adjust this, go to Preferences > Tracks and check the Watching First Post field as well as Tracking and Watching.


How can I subscribe to the Events or Deadlines calendar?

The calendar in the Events track has a Subscribe button, so does the Deadlines calendar. On click they will reveal feed URLs for your calendar app.

There is also a calendar that includes both, events and deadlines.

How can I create and edit tables?

Insert a table into a post

There’s no button in the editor to create a table, but it’s not difficult to add one.

Copy and Paste

The easiest way is to copy a table for instance from Google Sheets and paste it into the editor. It should automatically convert into the right format.


To manually insert a table type something like this:

|   | A  | B  |
| 1 | A1 | A2 |
| 2 | B1 | B2 |

This renders as:

1 A1 A2
2 B1 B2

You can use the above as a template and paste it into your post. For more complex tables though, it could be helpful to first create them in a spreadsheet software and then copy and paste them (see above) or use something like https://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables

Edit a table

Tables can look confusing in the code of a post and more complex edits – adding columns etc – can be challenging. To make it easier, do this:

  1. open the editor (click the Edit me button under a wiki post) and copy the table code
  2. go to https://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables and select File > Paste table data...
  3. edit the table there and click Generate
  4. when you’re done, copy the generated code from there and paste it into the editor here at tracks.