Call Recording with Groundwire and VoIP

This tutorial describes how to set up Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire to record phone calls on smartphones.

$7/$10 for the app, plus VoIP number and connection fees


  • separate tracks for incoming and outgoing audio
  • option to automatically record all calls


  • can’t record regular phone calls
  • account with VoIP/SIP provider necessary
  • needs stable mobile data connection or Wifi


Install app

Get Groundwire or Acrobits Softphone.

Configure VoIP account

When you first open the app, you need to configure an account with a Voice over IP provider. If you don’t have one, you need to go to a provider’s website and sign up, e.g.:

Configure recording

Once you have your account configured in Groundwire or Acrobits Softphone, go to :phone: Keypad > :gear: > Preferences > Call Recording and turn on Multichannel

Transfer recordings

You can configure to have your recordings sent to your email, but if the files get big, you can also access them from the :clock9: History tab. You’ll see a little answering machine symbol on the left, if the call has a recording. You can access it by clicking on the :information_source: on the right.

Clicking on the :information_source: next to the recording again gives you sharing options like AirDrop on iOS. Note: Behind the AirDrop option you’ll find much more than just AirDrop. You’ll get the standard sharing options including saving the file to iCloud or other file sharing services.

Good to know

  • Recordings are stereo with outgoing audio on one side and incoming audio on the other channel. For editing it will be useful to split the stereo into two mono tracks/files.
  • See also Acrobits’ support articles for iOS or Android.
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