Call Recording with Groundwire and VoIP

Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire
Works with: iOS, Android (untested)
Skill level: :star::star::star:
Cost: $7/$10 (plus connection fees)

  • Separate tracks for incoming and outgoing audio
  • Option to automatically record all calls


  • Can’t record regular phone calls
  • Account with VoIP/SIP provider necessary


  • Install Groundwire or Acrobits Softphone

  • When you first open the app, you need to configure an account with a Voice over IP provider. If you don’t have one, you need to go to a provider’s website and sign up, e.g.:

    These offer cheap rates and a wide array of phone numbers.

  • Once you have your account configured in Groundwire or Acrobits Softphone, go to :phone: Keypad > :gear: > Preferences > Call Recording and turn on Multichannel

  • You can configure to have your recordings sent to your email, but if the files get big, you can also access them from the :clock9: History tab. You’ll see a little answering machine symbol on the left, if the file has a recording. You can access it by clicking on the :information_source: on the right.

    Clicking on the :information_source: next to the recording again gives you sharing options like AirDrop on iOS.

  • Recordings are stereo with outgoing audio on one side and incoming audio on the other channel. For editing it will be useful to split the stereo into two mono tracks/files.

  • See also Acrobits’ support articles for iOS or Android

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