Audiocraft Podcast Festival

“Audiocraft Podcast Festival is the most important event of the year for audio makers and podcast fans seeking to connect and collaborate with Australia’s passionate audio community.”

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In 2020, Audiocraft will be in its 5th year. It’s become the must-attend podcast event in Australia and attracts international makers. The team who run it are experienced radio/podcast makers. As the name suggests, this festival focuses on the craft of making great audio - with a focus on narrative. If you have any questions please hit me up - hope to see you there sometime in the future.

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Hi! A question about Audiocraft 2020: the dates I see on the website ( Sydney, May 31 - June 2.): Festival — Audiocraft are the old ones for 2019 or already the new ones for 2020? Cause I’m coming to Australia (I’m based in Europe) next year for a long vacation and it would be cool to be around for the festival! Thanks!

Hi Carmen, the dates listed were for this years event. Stay tuned for announcements about 2020. Audiocraft usually send out a save-the-date by the end of the year, as well as a call out for session pitches. The festival has been held around early June the last three years and this will most likely be the case next year too. Best to sign up for the mailing list to stay in the loop, if you haven’t done so already. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi James, thanks! What a pity: I’ll be around in April till the beginning of May, but I’ll go to the Melbourne Comdey Festival hoping to see Alice Fraser (do you know her? The Podcast “Troll Play” is really funny!) and I’ll look around for other events…thanks for replying and have fun! :slight_smile: