HearSay Audio Arts Festival 2021

“the ‘woodstock for audio’”

I thought it was going to be every year now, as they announced at the end of the festival? But I guess not.

To answer your question, Diarmuid posted this earlier in the HearSay19 Facebook group:

At the closing of #HearSay19 I did, nourished by all the kindness after the death of my dad, and awash and high on the inspiration that was all around, express a plan to
change from it being every two years to having it in 2020!! When sobered from gri ef and exhaustion, we first looked at late 2020, and then came to acknowledge our original plan of 2021 was the right one. April is the right time and Audio magic takes time. Apologies for those you were already packing their swimming trunks - You now have 18 months to plan your trip to Kilfinane. We will
have early registration as well this time to enable longer term planning.
But HearSay will not be quiet in 2020 - We will be announcing in October, details of our first set of Creative Residencies and how to pitch for them. Come stay in the lodges, create something, present a rough draft and return for the Festival. The HearSay Prize will also be active in 2020 with a deadline in late January and we will also be hosting one-off events in Ireland and beyond.

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